October 6, 2004

My trip to South Perisher was damn good!

The snow was awesome, the days were great, the lodge was superb and the people were terrific.

The snow this year was absolutely fantastic. I will easily say that it was the best snow I have ever boarded in. I actually heard that comment come from a number of others during the week as well.

The soft and powdery snow made for plenty of snowboarding tricks, (mainly because if I stacked there was loads of snow to cushion my fall).

In addition to the great snow falls the weather was excellent. The Sun was out for most of the week, which was evident by the snow goggle outline tanned into my face. This great weather combined with the awesome snow made for a really memorable time on the snow fields.

I found the lodge really good. At first the thought of no TV was terrifying, but it turned out to be not that bad. I remembered a thing called a novel, and I remembered how much fun you can have playing cards and board games with your mates. The lodge provided the perfect environment to just unwind and relax.

The entire week was great. I actually got back from the trip sore and aching, but relaxed at the same time.

Written by a visitor to South Perisher in August 2004.

Posted at 08:45 PM