July 3, 2005

Perisher weather forecast: June 30 - July 6

Forecast Summary

Two pressure systems, a eastlery low and a northerly high are combining to draw moisture and warm air from the tropics down the east cost of Australia.

Unfortunately, the moisture arrived with a lack of a cold front, preventing the precipitaion falling as snow.

The alpine areas can expect about 50mm of rain over the seven days from Wednesday 29. A resident cold front could have seen this falling as nearly 50cm of snow.


Wet conditions, with possible flooding, and reducded visability of roadways around the alpine areas. Take care!

Daily Forecasts

Thursday 30, June 2005

Rain showers from early morning, with fog and mist presisting througout the day. Mild temperatures peeking at midday.

Min: -5°C Max: 7°C Precipitation : Rain showers (90%).

Friday 1, July 2005

Rain showers, light snow above 1600m at night.

Min: -5°C Max: 6°C Precipitation : Rain, light snow above 1600m at night. (70%)

Saturday 2, July 2005

Drizzle throughout the day, with snow showers above 1600m at night.

Min: -3°C Max: 7°C Precipitation : Drizzle, possible snow on the peaks (70%)

Sunday 3, July 2005

Clearing conditions. Fine.

Min: -5°C Max: 8°C Precipitation : None.

Monday 4, July 2005

Early and late fog. Dry, warmer day.

Min: -5°C Max: 9°C Precipitation : None.

Tuesday 5, July 2005

Dry, warmer conditions.

Min: -3°C Max: 10°C Precipitation : None.

Wednesday 6, July 2005

Cool change, welcome arrival of snow.

Min: -4°C Max: 6°C Precipitation : Light snow above 1600m, rain. (60%).

Long Range Forecast

Once again, no significant snow falls for the next two weeks.

Next significant snow falls, July 15-17, expecting 20-25cm. Followed by July 29-31, expecting 30cm.

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