July 11, 2005

Perisher weather forecast: July 12 - 16

Forecast Summary

There is a series of cold fronts developing around the high, which seem to be pushing north the high.

Scattered light snowfalls throughout the week.

Thursday should see the emergence of an interesting situation, should the lows force the high south of Tasmania.

This could mean at least two weeks of light to moderate snowfall (total 40cm).


Possible very cold conditions Tuesday.

Daily forecasts

Tuesday 12, July 2005

Cool day. Snow showers.

Min: -7°C Max: -1°C Precipitation : Snow to 1500m (8cm) (80%)

Wednesday 13, July 2005

Snow showers.

Min: -3°C Max: 1&Deg;C Precipitation : Snow to 1600 (6cm) below 1600m at night. (70%)

Thursday 14, July 2005

Clearing conditions, to a fine day.

Min: -4°C Max: 0°C Precipitation : None.

Friday 15, July 2005

Snow arriving mid-morning, snowfall throughout the day.

Min: -5°C Max: 1°C Precipitation : Snow to 1500m (10cm) (80%)

Saturday 16, July 2005

Snow all day.

Min: -4°C Max: 0°C Precipitation : Snow to 1700m (12cm) (70%)

Long Range Forecast

Continuing snow falls for the next two weeks.

July 29-31, expecting 30cm.

Estimated snow depth of 200cm by the start of August.

Posted at 01:55 PM