July 19, 2005

Perisher weather forecast: July 19 - 23

Forecast Summary

A high situated over south western NSW is pushing artic cold fronts south of the Australian continent.

This is typically a summer weather system, and is unusual for the high to dominate so far south this far into the southern winter.

It does mean that an east-coast low can develop, and feed tropical moisture into the system, however at this stage it appears that precipitaion later in the week will fall as rain, rather than snow.


Possible quite cold, icy conditions Tuesday night to Wednesday morning.

Daily Forecasts

Tuesday 19, July 2005

Clear day, and cold night.

Min: -7°C Max: 0°C Precipitation : None.

Wednesday 20, July 2005

Cold night, with temperatures rising above freezing after midday.

Min: -5&Deg;C Max: 3°C Precipitation : None.

Thursday 21, July 2005

Cool night, the day will see temperatures start to reach 10�C, with considerable snow melt begining.

Min: -3&Deg;C Max: 8°C Precipitation : None.

Friday 22, July 2005

Possible snow arriving about the peaks late Friday afternoon. Rain below 1800m

Min: -1°C Max: 8°C Precipitation : Dusting above 1800m (2cm), rain below (2mm) (20%)

Saturday 23, July 2005

Possible morning snow about the peaks. Rain below 1800m.

Min: -1°C Max: 9°C Precipitation : Dusting above 1800m (2cm), rain below (2mm) (30%)

Long Range Forecast

Mostly warmer conditions, with rain developing next week, except above 1800m (July 24-29)

Next snowfall, July 29-31, expecting 30cm.

Mid-August is looking likely for about 20-30cm from the 10th.

Posted at 08:06 PM