July 27, 2005

Perisher weather forecast: July 25 - 30

Forecast Summary

A series of weak cold fronts will cross the alpine areas over the next week, as the dominating hig moves out into the pacific.

There is however, a lack of moisture, so snowfall will be minimal.

A cold pool will develop over central NSW on Thursday, brining icy conditions, but only minimal snowfall.

The big excitment is a strong, antartic low appearing south west of Australia at 55'S 90E. This low may run up into the Australian mainland, brining acrtic conditions to the alpine areas.


Icy conditions Thursday and Friday.

Daily Forecasts

Tuesday 26, July 2005

Light snowshowers above 1600m.

Min: -8°C Max: 0°C Precipitation : Snowshowers 4cm (80%).

Wednesday 27, July 2005

Clearing to a fine day.

Min: -7°C Max: 2°C Precipitation : None.

Thursday 28, July 2005

Cold day, icy conditions, fine day.

Min: -5°C Max: 0°C Precipitation : None.

Friday 29, July 2005

Cold day, early fog, possible late snow above 1600m.

Min: -7°C Max: -1°C Precipitation : Light snowfall (2cm) (20%)

Saturday 30, July 2005

Fine day.

Min: -5°C Max: 3°C Precipitation : None.

Long Range Forecast

August is looking likely for about 20-30cm from the 10th.

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