May 8, 2006

Early Snow Falls - Eye Witenss Report!

Snow has fallen overnight, and into today as Perisher reaches a chilly -6C!

About 10cm of snow has fallen in the Valley as at 8AM this morning. We are so excited with the early snow fall -- we knew it would be cold, but we didn't think there would be enough precipitation -- that we are sending an eyewitness to perisher this morning. Update - the report is just in!

Eye Witness Report

We had a lodge memeber travel to the mountains early on Sunday, 7 May, to check out the snowfall. Only one problem - they couldn't get past the park gates without a snow plow. Even 4WDs with chains were being turned back!

The member reported snow on the peaks around Jindabyne, as well as visibile snow from evne as far out as Cooma!

Let's pray that this means we are in for a ripper season. Next fall is predicted for May 24-26.

Posted at 08:30 AM