November 16, 2006

Season Report 2006

There is little doubt that snow season 2006 0, 0, 0, 20.0, 14.0, 21.0, 31.0, 30.0, 27.0, 26.0, 42.0, 48.0, 43.0, 58.0, 76.0, 76.0, 77.0, 84.0, 85.0, 63.0, 32.0, 23.0, 1.0, 0, 0, 0 was the worst on record. The snow peaked at just over 80cm in late August. It is the first time since the '90's that in August you could walk from the lodge to the slopes without stepping in snow.

It is no surprise that Australia is in the grip of one of the worst droughts on record -- what snow fell was barely enough to make a snow cone.

No one was saying it, but the horrible spectre that climate change is having a noticable affect on the Australian ski season was a definte undertow.

So, what do the statistics say? It says lack of moisture was the determining factor.

Perisher Valley Mean Rainfall
MonthLast 20 years2006

The total rainfall from June - August was about 50% of the mean.

The resorts made the most of the limited cover, and skiing on Front Valley was reasonable all season. Perisher Blue should be commended for keeping Front Valley running though a tough season.

The best runs were out early on 'Outer Limits', then moving to 'Schnaxall' before lunch, followed by 'Sidewinder' and 'Zalis' in the afternoon.

The long range forecast is tipping a wet autumn in 2007, which will hopefully indicate a much improved ski season in 2007.

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