January 1, 2008

Season Report 2007

The snow peaked at 164.4cm in very early August.

The snow was on the gound in mid-may, but it was one short set of snow-falls that defined the whole season in the last 14 days of June.

The snow depth increased from 17cm in mid-June to 136cm on 1 July. After the intense cold weather in very early July, where some wonderful dry power could be found, the weather turned warm and dry for the rest of the season, with no snow on the ground by mid-October.

For those who suffered through the horrors of 2006, it was a reprieve, but not a bonanza.

Overall this season would be rated as 'FAIR', a near-mirror of 2005 and 2002. Probably the most typical snow season you can have without that last 'push' for depth in late August.

Posted at 03:32 PM