August 8, 2010

A local brew

Two years ago I [remarked](Permalink: that whilst there were a handful of breweries such as Bright in the alpine region in Australia there was nothing quite close enough to be considered local to Perisher.

Last year that changed when the Banjo Patterson Inn in Jindabyne started producing Koscuiszko Pale Ale under the guidance of Chuck Hahn.

Stopping by the Inn on my way to Perisher last week I had a chance to try it, here is a picture of me holding a bottle whilst looking out from the balcony of South Perisher lodge.

kosciuszko pale ale

How does it rate? Pretty good; this will definitely my choice of beer for when I'm staying in Perisher.

Whether it ranks up with my two favorite Australian pale ale's from Murray's and Red Oak I'm not yet sure (I might need a few more tastings to decide) but it's definitely worth stopping at the Inn to get it.

My suggestion for a beer? A Rock Creek Double IPA interests my taste buds... whether that suits the region is another question.

Update: I've since discovered that The Dalgety Brewing Company have been brewing since 2008. The White Spider in Perisher were serving them last time I was there. I tried the strong pale ale which was quite good.

Posted at 10:48 PM